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Title: Are other institutional structures possible?
Who: Institute for Radical Imagination (IRI), Soft Agency, Larre 
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: 28/04/2023
What: Video

Short description: Activity developed under the conference  BODIES, CARE, CONFLICTS AND COMMITMENTS

Organised by: Idensitat + Santa Mònica 

Institute for Radical Imagination (IRI), group of artists, curators, activists, scholars and cultural producers with a shared interest in co-producing knowledge and artistic and political interventions to implement post-capitalist forms of life. Gabriella Riccio is a multidisciplinary artist based in Naples and Madrid. She is engaged in prefigurative practices such as the movement for the commons and self-governed theatres and cultural spaces. Elena Blesa Cábe is an artist and educator. Doctoral Student in the Universidad de Granada History and Arts programme. She has been involved in different educational projects engaging with a transfeminist and decolonial perspective.

Soft Agency, group of female architects, artists, curators, scholars, and writers working within expanded spatial practices. Based in Berlin, Germany, since 2016, the group has been working on a number of themes relating to care practices and cultures. For this event, Soft Agency member, the artist and researcher Teresa Dillon will present a selection of the group’s work.

Moderator: Larre is a collective acting in the field of cultural mediation, from a feminist approach. Occupying hybrid spaces between practical artistic investigation and cultural criticism, they carry out activities and create collaborative spaces in which they seek to explore realities that are normally invisible or submerged. Larre is Lara García Díaz, Ángela Palacios and Priscila Clementti. @_larre_