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CARE ECOLOGIES is a network based, multifaceted project between partners from Greece, Croatia, and Spain active in the fields of production of art works, promotion of contemporary art among domestic and international art audiences, fostering a robust relationship between contemporary artistic practices and social space, through research and education.

During a period in which the COVID-19 pandemic has placed care at the forefront of conversations internationally, the project focuses on the need to collectively re-draw the rules and processes of cultural making as a collective radical act of care.

The methodology that was opted for the project “Care Ecologies” targets at establishing a close cooperation in Europe’s south, between artists, curators, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural actors through transdisciplinary programmes. The proposed project is committed to integrating with the national social and cultural life, while also maintaining a strong international focus.

The philosophy behind this project is to increase the opportunities for international collaborations, professional development, and production of care oriented residencies. The project manifests this mission through a coherent and complementary set of working packages that apart from the management/coordination and communication/dissemination activities, they also include capacity-building activities (residencies), networking and knowledge-sharing and artistic and creative expression actions that they are all dedicated to creating platforms for conversation, research, learning and artistic creation. In this regard, the circulation of artists and works, the increased access to and participation in cultural and arts activities, as well as audience engagement and development, is expected to contribute to the activation of a more sustainable arts public space.